How to Write a College Application Essay

While in college, students are often used to writing essays which most of the time apply the same format; starting with an introduction, developing a thesis statement, creating strong body paragraphs with enough evidence to support the thesis statement and a conclusion to bring the essay to an end. However, writing a college application essay does not apply the same format. This makes it rather difficult for some students to write such an essay because of being used to the same format. Writing a college application essay is not as challenging as some students may presume it to be. To write a college application essay, you first need to understand what it entails. This will help you know the format to use when writing. A college application essay necessitates that you capture your candid character or disposition and an illustration of who you are when it comes to exams and other school activities. Conversely, when writing a college application essay, it is upon you to choose what you want to share with your reader(s). To write a college application essay, consider the following tips:

  • Get to know and understand what is being asked. Take time to read and understand what is being asked or proposed. Do not rush to write anything if you have not fully comprehended what is required of you.
  • Stick to being relevant. Stick to what is being asked of you. Do not include any information which is not related to what is needed in your article. Try your best to be concise and answer what is asked but not what you think is being asked.
  • Create an outline. Note down what you are going to write in your paper once you have understood the prompt. This will help you to stick to what is needed and avoid including unnecessary information.
  • Consider your audience. When writing your essay, consider the people who are going to read it. Do not write it as if it is your friend or classmate is going to read. Ensure that whoever is going to read your paper is exhilarated by it.
  • Write your essay. Having developed an outline, it is now easier for you to write your article. This is because you already know what you are going to write and how you are going to write it.
  • Proofread. Once you are through with your article, ensure you go through it and correct any mistakes you come across.