Maternity will give you a great joy; let us take care of hospital services, comfortable rooms, operating rooms with latest technology, supplies and medicines.

Our maternity plan includes:

  • Private obstetric suite room service.
  • Choice of menus according to the patients¬ī diet.
  • Use of the operating room, recovery room and delivery room.
  • Neonatal Unit care for the newborn.
  • Laboratory tests for mother and baby.
  • Neonatal screening.
  • Ample Parking lot
  • Complimentary meal for one person.
  • CD baby photos and his family.
  • Discount card for the baby.
  • Complimentary basket for the newborn
  • Financial aid if required
Neonatal Unit

The Neonatal Unit has capacity to care for 30 infants:
Normal child births or Caesarean
Extreme Prematurity
Extramural mild preterm births born in other medical institutions (up to 90 days of age).

We have the following units:

  • Intermediate Care Unit
  • Minimal Care Unit
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Isolation Unit


  • Provides highly specialized, family centered care to newborns and their families.
  • Every day, one of our neonatologists will examine your baby, review the chart, laboratory and other results, and speak with your baby‚Äôs nurse. We have a neonatologist on duty 24 hours a day.
  • Nurses and nursing assistants with extensive experience in neonatology 24 hours a day.
  • Support services such as laboratory and imaging diagnostics, 24 hours a day.


  • Incubators for intensive and intermediate care
  • Transport incubators
  • Intensive Care units
  • High – frequency and pressure ventilator care
  • Multi parameter monitors and central monitoring station
  • Phototherapy unit with blanket and pedestal
  • Electrical Breast pump



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