Patient´s Guide


Access to the Admissions Area is through the main door of the hospital. You will be asked for admissions information, which is essential in order to provide better care.

If you have insurance or a prepaid medical program, please inform the admissions staff.

Admissions through Emergency

Admission through Emergency
If your surgery or hospitalization is before 7:00 AM,
please use the emergency admissions. There they will indicate the steps to be followed for hospitalization.


Hospital Credit

If you are going to use an insurance plan or prepaid medical program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Submit an identification card from your insurance company.
  • Confirm the authorization and amount of coverage.
  • Submit a duly signed Claim Form. (For admission it must be signed by the beneficiary and the employer; at discharge, it must be completed with the signature of the doctor.)


  • You will be asked for a guarantee, check or credit card voucher upon admission, which will be settled when you are discharged.
  • The limit on the credit card is subject to verification during admission and the voucher will be returned to you when the account is settled.
  • When using private insurance, the voucher will be returned when the account is settled.
  • If you are going to change the guarantee voucher, please advice admissions of this change, prior to your discharge.


If you are a shareholder of the hospital, report this during admittance or emergency admission. This will permit to claim your benefits.

Clinical History

The information you provide at the time of admission, authorization for a third party to claim you medical reports and the results of all examinations and procedures, will become part of your “clinical history.”


The Hospital is not responsible for money, jewelry, cell phones, computers or valuables, so it is important to leave these at home before entering hospital.

However, if you bring any with you, upon entering through admissions or emergency, please give your belongings to the hospital for custody. This service has no additional cost.

Smoking Regulations

Smoking is Prohibited
The Hospital is a smoke free building, so smoking is not permitted inside.

(Organic Law on Consumer Protection September 14, 2006, banning smoking in public places.)


In order to provide security for our patients, it is prohibited to enter hospital areas with flowers, as they and their reservoirs of water spread bacteria.

Please remember this point.

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