Patients¬ī Guide


We suggest you to bring only night clothing, a robe, toiletries and entertainment (books, magazines, etc…).
The hospital provides a patient gown and articles for basic hygiene.


Identification System

The nurse or assistant will place a plastic bracelet on your wrist to ensure proper identification during your stay with us. We ask you not remove it until you are discharged from the Hospital.


The room is designed for the comfort of you and your visitors. It is equipped with the necessary items to provide for your well being and quality of care.

Please take care of them and use them properly.

In the room, learn how to use the following items, please ask our hospital staff.
How to:

  • Use the electrical bed and the nurse call bell.
  • Use the TV remote control, all rooms have cable service.
  • Use of the free WI-FI Access.

In getting up

Do not get out of bed without permission; your doctor or nurse will advise and help when you are ready.

  • Get up slowly, you may feel dizzy or faint.
  • Do not try to go to the bathroom alone.

Walking around

  • Tell the nurse.
  • Stay in the ward.
  • If you have a serum carrier on wheels, ask for instructions.


  • Cooperate with our staff. They are here to help.
  • Follow instructions carefully.
  • Tell the nurse about any problems you have.
  • Do not hesitate to seek help with hygiene. Your health requires it.

Patients at risk of falling

  • Patients at risk of falling, the elderly (over 65 years old), children, psychiatric patients or those receiving sedative medication must be accompanied 24 hours a day.
  • If you have no companion, ask the manager or supervisor of the area for a nurse or assistant. This service has an additional cost.

Companion bed

  • The hospital has private rooms and suites that are equipped with sofa bed.
  • You may request that it be prepared by calling the floor nursing station. This service has no additional cost.

Telephone calls

  • Local calls Dial 9 and then the desired number.
  • National or international long distance calls. Dial zero, the operator will take the information and arrange for the call.
  • The cost of your calls will be charged to your account.

Medicines and Medication

  • Do not self-medicate. It is dangerous.
  • Patients should not be concerned about any medication.
  • The hospital staff takes care of this.


Please deposit waste in the trash can with a black bag.

  • Remember the trash can with a red bag is exclusively for infectious waste and is for use by.

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